Working and living in Sofia, Bulgaria

French-speaking Compliance and Risk Management Specialist


Don't miss this opportunity for French-speakers in sunny Sofia.

🎒 Discover and explore new countries by working abroad.

In your free time discover new beaches to enjoy the good weather, like the local culture and gastronomy, learn a new language. 
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❤️ Benefits


Begin with a fully paid training program, leading to stable employment with vast career advancement opportunities

Enjoy an attractive salary with additional health insurance benefits

Select from an extensive range of over 50+ benefits and services designed to cater to your personal and professional needs

Work in a vibrant international environment that promotes learning, support, and the well-being of its team members


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Your day to day-4

🎯 Your day to day

Ensure the compliance of back-office user-generated content with established guidelines

Take decisive action on any information that breaches these guidelines or presents risks

Maintain current knowledge of internal policies to ensure their accurate execution

Analyze data to identify trends and preemptively manage potential risks

Manage shifting priorities and high workloads with exceptional organizational and time management skills

Your Profile-2

🎯 This is your new job in Sofia if

Exhibit meticulous attention to detail and the ability to confidentially handle sensitive information

Fluent in French and proficient in English (B2 level or higher)

Knowledgeable about pop culture, global events, and cultural nuances relevant to the markets you will support

Skilled in recognizing patterns that enhance decision-making processes

Previous experience in fraud detection, spam control, or content moderation is highly regarded

Working in Sofia 👩🏽‍💻

Start your day at one of the many vintage-style cafes in the city. Enjoy a rich Bulgarian coffee while savoring freshly baked banitsa. Head to the office in good spirits and have a productive day with your coworkers. After work, head to Mount Vitosha to relax, disconnect, and recharge.

Working in Sofia is the opportunity to take your career to new heights and have some fun.
It's a work and travel experience like no other.

It's a win-win situation; moving abroad can benefit you in more ways than you think.

Discover a new culture.

Gain valuable work experience.

Expand your network.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Learn a new language.

Find out what really interests you & what kind of work will make you happy.

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