Work and live in Lisbon

Dutch-speaking Customer Service Agent at EasyPark in Lisbon

Don't miss this opportunity for Dutch-speakers in sunny Lisbon.

🎒 Discover and explore new countries by working abroad.

In your free time discover new beaches to enjoy the good weather, like the local culture and gastronomy, learn a new language. 
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❤️ Benefits


Tailored training program for role-specific skills

Relocation package including accommodation assistance, flight ticket, and help with documentation

Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package

Access to well-being programs and initiatives

Opportunity to live and work in the culturally rich city of Lisbon

Career development opportunities within a leading company in the digital parking industry

 Involvement in innovative projects in smart city and mobility solutions


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Your day to day-3

🎯 Your day to day

Provide high-quality service to customers with inquiries or problems via telephone, WhatsApp, Chat, Email, and Social Media

 Regularly update internal systems with the latest information

 Work collaboratively with other departments and teams to ensure customer support excellence

These are just some of the companies in Lisbon that are waiting for you to join their teams


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🎯 Your Profile

 Fluent in Dutch with a strong command of English (both verbal and written)

Keen interest in smart city solutions and digital technologies

Detail-oriented with excellent problem-solving skills

Able to handle sensitive customer interactions professionally

 Dedicated to upholding EasyPark's high service standards

Adaptable and comfortable in both routine and dynamic work settings

Team player with a willingness to collaborate internationally

Working in Lisbon 👩🏽‍💻

Start your day at one of the many vintage style cafes in the city. Sip your galão in between taking bites of sweet bolos. Head to the office in good spirits and enjoy a productive day with your coworkers. After work, head to the beach to relax, disconnect, and recharge.
Working in Lisbon is the opportunity to take your career to new heights and have some fun.
It’s a work and travel experience like no other.
It’s a win-win situation, moving abroad can benefit you in more ways than you think

Discover a new culture.

Gain valuable work experience.

Expand your network.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Learn a new language.

Find out what really interests you & what kind of work will make you happy.

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